Odious Rot is a community-focused magazine fossilising independent creatives in print. Each issue exists as a self-contained world, a yearly open-call inviting all modes of design practice in response to a chosen theme. 

Odious Rot is a printed relic of this moment, now, extending the longevity of work we feel is owed more light.

Our chat with Günseli Yalcinkaya around the folklore, rituals and primeval pastimes that inspired issue 2 can be found over on Dazed

Co-founders: Guia Bertorello, Sara Butler
Editors: Guia Bertorello, Sara Butler
Creative Direction: Guia Bertorello, Sara Butler
Fashion: Guia Bertorello
Graphic Design & Print: Sara Butler

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Issue 3 Troubled Waters out now. 

Artwords Bookstore, Shreeji News—London
Rosa Wolf—Berlin