...Enter through the sullied manhole guarding this industrial underbelly. Beneath the decaying glamour rings the relentless churning of heavy machinery. Gears grind in the control room, oil oozing from steel joints as mechanical entrails spill onto concrete floors. Hidden within, a realm of decadence—casinos, strip joints, and seedy establishments where poker chips and torn cards lie scattered at the feet of an omniscient corporation, who gather and relish in their velvet cage. Offices, filled with receipts and fax paper, house associates marked with cryptic symbols. In dimly lit lounges, those same symbols appear on the fingertips of the men sitting at steel tables, conspiring in low tones...

Muscle, steel, sweat, oil. OR4 MACHINA looks to man, machine, and their mirroring.

For OR4, we seek varied contributions—design, illustration, photography, fashion, process, cultural observation, poetry and prose—that pertain to MACHINA in some way.

Deadline: 10 July 2024

Send to: sub@odious.haus
Subject line: OR4 YourProjectName | Firstname Lastname
Format: shared Dropbox folder titled "FIRSTNAME LASTNAME" (no WeTransfer or Google Drive)

Please include
  • Editable .doc or PDF with artist statement (+-100 words)
  • Your name, pronouns, image titles, socials/website
  • Note if the work is previously published
  • Indicate if the work is being submitted elsewhere

  • Up to 8 high-resolution images
  • 300dpi, approx. 3350px by 4950px
  • Flattened JPGs or vectors, no watermarks
  • Photographs, graphics, drawings + all visual media

  • Editable .doc or PDF
  • Up to 2,000 words
  • Poetry, prose and non-fiction welcome
  • For interview proposals, please include writing sample

Other info
  • Photo Essays: include captions or production details
  • Infographics: include references
  • Rights: by submitting you grant us the right to publish work, but these remain with the author/creator
  • Fees: submissions are voluntary and unpaid

Please note: we ONLY accept proposals for interviews—all other works must be final.

If selected, your work will be fossilised in print, joining the legacy of our past contributors. You will be contacted if your submission has been shortlisted, and then again if chosen. Shortlisting does not guarantee publication. Please note that not all submissions will receive a reply. Failure to follow the submission guidelines will forfeit your opportunity to be published. We sadly do not have the resources to contact you if your files are inaccessible, corrupted, or in the wrong format.

For our editorial output, take a look through our previous issues.

We look forward to reviewing your submissions.

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