Troubled Waters
For OR3, we retreat to the coolness of underground caves, tidal pools and reservoir tanks. Troubled Waters is a tribute to the damp, the dank and the wet—a titanium trove dredged up from the deep.

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Cover: Matt Esselen, Nova Needham, Ratty Nye Davis, Guia Bertorello

Weapons & Self Protection

OR3 Weapons & Self Protection, had us delve into apocalyptic apothecaries, stoneware battle-axes and fae offerings. Over 30 contributors congregated in our system of realms to ponder physical and metaphysical self-defense. We spoke to Günseli Yalcinkaya around folklore, rituals and primeval pastimes for Dazed

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Cover: Ralf Hersborg, Guia Bertorello, Yiling Zhao, Mathilda Mace
Cover type: Raf Rennie

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OR1 comprises the work of 30 emerging crafts-folk as they navigate hostile terrains. Birthed in hibernation, this issue looks to Rituals and bodily practices undertaken to survive the pandemic.

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Foreword: Most Dismal Swamp

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Hailing unsung talent—fossil of our time